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Ateez, Zero: Fever Part 1 Ateez, Zero: Fever Part 1

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ATEEZ releases ‘ZERO : FEVER Part.1’ album



South Korean boy group ATEEZ released their new album, ZERO : FEVER Part.1, on July 26. This is their second album after TREASURE EP.FIN: All to Action, which was released last year and featured their hit song “Wonderland.”

The title track for ZERO : FEVER Part.1 is “INCEPTION,” the music video for which was released on July 27. It features the group dancing in an abandoned school, building off the concept teased in their album preview. While in that one the members were celebrating youth by evoking school-time nostalgia, the music video features ATEEZ dancing through falling fire and flooded floors.

There are seven tracks on ZERO : FEVER Part.1. Along with “INCEPTION,” “THANXX” also has a choreography and performance routine.

Check out “Inception”:

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