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ATHANASIA release new lyric video for “Cyclops Lord (My Will Is Done)”



Los Angeles-based trio ATHANASIA blend classic thrash, power and black metal influences with modern heavy metal fury to create a sound that is equal parts commanding, aggressive, and melodic. The band is set to release their highly-anticipated upcoming full-length album, The Order of the Silver Compass, later this year. In the meantime, ATHANASIA is gracing fans with the unforgettable new track “Cyclops Lord (My Will Is Done).” Listen now via Decibel Magazine:
Frontman Caleb Bingham says,“‘Cyclops Lord’ is our take on the root of all evil… the almighty dollar! The song’s strong lyrical content made this video beg for hidden subliminal visuals, not unlike those present on the dollar itself…”


Watch three more videos cut from The Order of the Silver Compass here:
“Spoils of War”:
“The Order of the Silver Compass”:
“White Horse”:
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