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August Burns Red guide fans through rough seas with new single “Standing In The Storm”



Although August Burns Red’s ninth studio album Guardians served as a great distraction from 2020, the band isn’t slowing down with the new releases. Today, August Burns Red bring a feeling of hope for the struggling with a new single and visual “Standing In The Storm”.


Like so many August Burns Red tracks we’ve come to know and love since 2003, the Lancaster band is adept at delivering pieces of hope and positivity when others choose to ignore the current elephant in the room: we’re all fucking struggling. In one way or another, 2020 wrecked everyone in ways we never thought possible, and although we’re all going through it together, the world has never felt so lonely. It seems like August Burns Red sat down and said “what can we give our fans right now?” and the answer came out as the single “Standing In The Storm”. The answer is hope.

“‘Standing in the Storm’ is a song about fighting for something important to you, and enduring the hardships that come with that fight,” says vocalist JB Brubaker.



If the single feels like just another single from ABR, listen to the “Standing In The Storm” interlude for some full-body chills.



“It has to rain to see a painted sky. Not all deserts are deserted and dry. What’s lost can always be found. I’ll sing along to the sound. I’ll shout it out even if no one’s around.”


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