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Avey Tare drops psychedelic horse-themed video for “HORS_”



The wait is finally almost over. This Friday, Animal Collective member Avey Tare will be releasing his new solo album Cows On Hourglass Pond. It’ll be his third record as a purely solo act, and already it sounds fairly different than what we’ve come to expect. But as is always the case with Animal Collective and their members, expect the unexpected. Since its announcement in January, Avey has dropped two great singles from the project. Both feature a fairly stripped back sound for the musician. Instead of maxing out with sounds, he’s began slowing things down. The two singles primarily focus on guitar or piano, albeit with various psychedelic effects thrown in for good measure. But it feels so natural and comfortable, which is almost ensuring this might be one of the best Animal Collective-related projects in years. To further that hype, Avey has now dropped the third and final single from the LP, just to convince us once more.

Today, Avey Tare quietly came back into the world share new single “HORS_.” The new song is actually the closing track on Cows On Hourglass Pond. And it sounds appropriately so. After buzzing with surreal sounds and words at its start, the song eventually settles into an acoustic-guitar driven groove. It’s like the sound of Avey riding off into the sunset. Or maybe that’s just the image I get because of the horse-themed video (and if you didn’t catch it, the title also references a horse – playing off the idea of the basketball game HORSE). The new song once againg highlights the weirdness of Avey Tare’s music, yet keeps it mostly approachable and calming, like the other singles shared. The video ties in nicely with the song as you watch a horse walking around with a bunch of psychedelic and kaleidoscopic effects shifting around.

The video was once again directed by his longtime visual collaborator and sister Abby Portner, who had some words to share about the imagery:

“I grew up with horses, so I wanted to make a video for this song since I first heard it at a show I did with Dave in Copenhagen two years ago. To me, this video is just about the beauty of a horse, its movements, expressions and textures. I lit the horse, Calliope, like she was on a stage, colored lights and haze to take it out of context of a normal stable setting, turn the focus to the horse as a character and make it a bit more surreal.

Some of my favorite horse movies are: Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, The Man From Snowy River, National Velvet, Black Beauty, Secretariat, Seabiscuit, The Black Stallion, Phar Lap, A Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit, Spirit, All Roads Lead Home, Running Free, Misty, Racing Stripes, My Friend Flicka, Two Bits, and Pepper.”

Check our “HORS_” right below here.

Cows On Hourglass Pond is out this Friday. Pre-order it now.


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