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Bad Brains frontman HR announces new solo album ‘Give Thanks’



On October 18, the influential musician known as HR (Human Rights) will release his newest solo album Give Thanks. HR is perhaps best known for his work fronting the legendary punk band Bad Brains. Throughout their career, Bad Brains ripped through the country preaching the message of maintaining a positive mental attitude. That as a concept became integral to their energetic sound, and it has gone on to have lasting impact on HR’s solo work as well as his legion of fans.

Although HR got his start in the punk scene, he very quickly became attracted to the reggae and Rastafarian movement. He traded off the fast-paced punk lifestyle in favor of the spirituality he found within reggae music. 1984 saw the start of his reggae-rock band Human Rights, which has been an ever-shifting force of nature for over three decades now.

HR’s band this go around taps back into the organic energy that was felt right at the start of his career. Give Thanks is set to be an album that still speaks to the modern youth, encouraging gratitude and unity amidst a shaky national climate. It’s gonna be one to keep you ears on the lookout for.

Check out the album art for Give Thanks down below.

Pre-order Give Thanks with various color vinyl options right here.


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