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Between Friends drop new single “Better Friends”



Dream pop trio Between Friends have just dropped their second single with the warmly inviting “Better Friends.” The band, consisting of Savannah and Brandon Hudson and drummer Brennan Benko, make music that is both intimate and broadly appealing. The three work together in a very homemade sort of way, resulting in songs that are uniquely imaginative. Brandon takes production duty as well in addition to writing the neatly composed melodies while Savannah writes most of the lyrics.

Speaking about the intent of Between Friends, Brandon says:

“out whole vibe is youth culture and experiences within that. Maybe desire is the premise, but we like to think of it as a love text to new friends listening.”

In keeping up with that idea, “Better Friends” is a incredibly inviting and undeniably child out single. Production-wise, the song weaves together a nicely warbling and hazy synth sound with tight drum work. The vocal melodies are also key the track’s likability, as Brandon and Savannah link together to craft a low-key mood sure to perk up everyone’s ears. The video kicks up the do-it-yourself style of the group with some home-video styled shots cut between more official music video scenes. The end result is a video that radiates an almost vintage look of youthful experiences. Give it a watch below.


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