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Big Thief drop new song “Century”



This Friday Big Thief will be releasing their anticipated third studio album U.F.O.F. The new LP comes a mere two years after their last one, and less than a year since lead singer/guitarist Adrianne Lenker’s solo album abysskiss. The more startling thing about all of this is everything they’ve done has been of superbly high quality. And based on what we’ve heard so far from the new one, it sounds like they’re only continuing to grow. Previously, the band have shared two tracks from U.F.O.F. and today they’ve dropped a third with “Century.”

Picking up where the last single “Cattails” left off, “Century” doubles down on the subtlety. Once again, we get a smoothly acoustic-based sound palette, with steadily moving yet quiet drum work. Some other instruments entangle themselves in the mix, but all told the song really works to highlight Adrianne Lenker’s gorgeous vocals. But as is the case with her style, it’s often about how she phrases things, slowing down key imagery and barreling forward to underscore an overarching theme. It may not be as loud or upfront as some of Big Thief’s past work, but it’s still a winning sound. And although its central focus is Lenker, if you tune in closely you’ll hear a band blossoming in beautiful unity.

Check out “Century” down below.

U.F.O.F. drops this Friday, May 3. Pre-order it now.


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