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Birds of Maya return after eight years with “BFIOU”



Philadelphia-based noise rock band Birds of Maya just released music for the first time in eight years. Their new album Valdez is due out June 25 and was recorded all the way back in 2014.

The first single off the album is a two-and-a-half-minute guitar heavy song called “BFIOU.” The track’s lo-fi noisy sound is somewhere between Iggy Pop and Bad Brains.

The band said this of the upcoming album on Facebook:

Much about this album, including the name and artwork is in honor of the beauty and wildness of the vacant lots where we used to play shows, garden, or build playgrounds for our kids before they were all dug out to build gigantic condos. It’s harder now to find the Earth around here. It’s not gone, just hiding, waiting to be let loose again.

Check out the music video:

Stream “BFIOU” here

Follow Birds of Maya on their socials:

Facebook   Bandcamp

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