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Bon Iver shares new music video for “Naeem”



There hasn’t been an official music video from Bon Iver in quite some time, but today that all changes. The band have just shared a video for “Naeem,” a standout track from their most recent album i,iIt’s the first Bon Iver music video since 2012, although it may not seem like it. As you might remember, the band slowly rolled out lyric videos for every single song off of i,i back at the start of August. They had some definite visual components, with clear art direction, but at their heart they were not traditional music videos. “Naeem” most certainly is.

In the “Naeem” video we get some lovely direction courtesy of AG Rojas as well as a story to follow (sort of). There’s a woman, a child, and giant floating rock. But of course, there’s more to it than that. As Rojas explains:


“Naeem is concerned with the potential for intergenerational healing, and how we choose to engage with that potential. All my admiration and love to Cynthia Rodriguez and her child Azul who brought this idea to life, and to Bon Iver for amplifying it.”


The video also happens to be coming out at the perfect time. Just yesterday, Bon Iver were nominated for a handful of Grammy awards, including Best Alternative Album and Album of the Year. So, it’s definitely a cause for celebration right now. And what better way to celebrate than with a beautiful video for possibly the best song on i,i?

Check “Naeem” right below here.

Pick up a copy of i,i right here.


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