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Boston Manor drop ominous new video for “Bad Machine”



The video was directed and edited by the band’s very own vocalist Henry Cox, with Tom Hancox in the role of DOP, and is a very “film noir” look at their hometown of Blackpool, which is narrated as a once happy place, turned dark.

“When we composed the song we already had accompanying visuals in mind for it and when recording the album we had films playing in the background that we thought would match up with the sounds we were making,” says Henry. “We knew we wanted to capture some of the sleaziness of the track & condense the video down to a sequence of ‘moments’, almost like a movie trailer. The song has such massive differences in dynamics between the verses & choruses so it was important that we captured that in the video.”

The video was filmed over the course of three night shoots in Blackpool this summer. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming review of the incredible, powerful new record Welcome to the Neighbourhood.


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