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Callum Pitt shares energetic new single “Forgotten Kids”



Indie rock singer/songwriter Callum Pitt is primed and ready to be the next big thing with the release of his newest single “Forgotten Kids.” The new track picks up where Pitt has left off on previously released singles, turning up both the energy and the lyrical themes to grander places. Pitt has been steadily rolling out singles for a couple of years now, but with 2019 in full swing, he’s determined to really break out this year. “Forgotten Kids” is the lead-off single from his forthcoming debut EP Poisoned Reveries. And although it’s as rousing and grooving as indie rock gets, there are some deeper meanings at play all over it.

Speaking about the track’s themes, Callum Pitt states:

”This song is written in response to the massive rise in poverty, use of food banks and rough sleepers in the UK. The title ‘Forgotten Kids’ refers to the people let down by the system; the people who are left waiting weeks or months for benefits and help from the council… we are such a rich country that poverty shouldn’t be an issue; such huge gaps in wealth in the UK are absurd.”

Callum Pitt might still be an up-and-comer, but with a handful of very solid singles he’s built his sound to where he’s at now. “Forgotten Kids” can act as both the intro to Pitt’s music, or as the sound of his evolution and tease of what’s to come. It’s the sound of an artist committed to writing from the heart, as well as one willing and determined to rouse a crowd.

Check out “Forgotten Kids” right here.


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