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Calva Louise releases “Other Self” as a preview to their new album ‘Euphoric’



Featured Image by Bobby Bentham.

The UK group is scheduled to release Euphoric on August 20th, which delves into a dreamer’s interaction with a parallel self. The story detailed within the album explores the multi-faceted nature of the self and the overarching human experience, particularly the way in which reality and the unknown are perceived by the individual. 

Regarding their single, “Other Self,” lead singer Jess Allanic notes that it’s lyrics encourage listeners to consider “the intrinsic meaning of individuality and relationships with people in the everyday world,” as well as “the uncertainty of a possible complementary duality, manifested through our dreams (or maybe through someone else’s dream). It is not a conversation with oneself, but a conversation with a supposed other self, a premise that the mind can’t accept.”

Check it out:

A fusion of Allanic’s breathy vocals, fuzz bass produced by Alizon Taho, and Ben Parker’s spirited drumming constitute the trio’s futuristic punk sound, creating a unique foundation for the other tracks that will soon join “Other Self” on the album. These include:

  1. Free To Be Lost
  2. Hunting
  3. Tiranito
  4. Ephemeral (Ft. Blakeeleven)
  5. Belicoso
  6. Alcanzar
  7. Other Self
  8. Trial
  9. Mafalda
  10. The Odds
  11. POP (urrí)
  12. Euphoric
  13. Orange Blast

Stream the album here.

Calva Louise has been producing music since the release of their debut album, Rhinoceros, in 2019. The eclecticism of their sound has enabled them to reach a diverse audience—one that will undoubtedly expand with the addition of Euphoric to their collection. 

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