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Canadian group, Fake Shark, releases new single “Time For The Future”



Canadian band, Fake Shark, has taken over the global stage with sold-out tours ranging from Japan, the UK, and the US. They welcome us in with an inside take on their single “Time For The Future” ahead of their forthcoming album.

“The inspiration behind the song sonically was that I (Kevvy) was listening to a lot of French house music, and wondered what would happen if we did our version of a song like Justice, but mixed it with the 2000s indie punk we grew up on. I wrote the structure while in the early days of the pandemic when things seemed unsure, and you can feel that in the words. When we were finally able to all come together to record it, there was an immediacy to it that you can feel.”

Check it out here:

Listen to “Time For The Future” here.

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