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Cardiac Half share new single & music video “City Lights”



Georgia’s indie alt-pop duo Cardiac Half (aka brothers Drew and Dylan Miller) have released their newest single “City Lights.

“The primary theme in ‘City Lights’ is love, absolutely. There’s also a dreamy element to the song in the sense that the characters are high class for one night,” shared vocalist/keyboardist Drew Miller. “They’re living life large, doing what they want, whenever they want. Money and sleep, none of it matters for this one night. Tomorrow will come, and then they’ll just be your average Joe’s. But even if tomorrow were to never come, they’d still have each other.”

Check it out:

Stream the track here.

The duo has three upcoming Georgia dates. Check them out below:

10.12   Warm Springs, GA @ Harvest Hoe Down
10.18   Newnan, GA @ Halloween at the Hangar
11.08   Griffin, GA @ Bank St

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