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Caroline Polachek remixes A. G. Cook’s “Oh Yeah”



The track “Oh Yeah” off of A. G. Cook’s 2020 album, Apple, got the Caroline Polachek treatment. Originally Apple’s acoustic and emotional opener, the record’s imaginative take on avante garde pop finds an easy partner with Polachek. Bringing her blend of ethereal and symphonic pop production, “Oh Yeah” takes on a new life in the update. 

This is the second time the pair have teamed up for a remix. Following Polachek’s 2019 solo debut, Pang, A. G. Cook remixed the track “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings,” in a string of remixes and updates following the record’s release. The remix echoes the team’s willingness to test the limits of pop. 

A. G. Cook shared the updated version of “Oh Yeah” through his label, PC Music. The remix follows a string of innovative pop releases from the UK label’s counterparts. Cook worked along with Charli XCX on a number of her previous albums, including Number 1 Angel, Pop 2, and Charli. Polachek’s Pang was partially produced by PC Music’s Danny L Harle. 

Check out the visualizer:

Stream the remix here. 

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