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Charlotte Area League of Musicians (C.A.L.M) Inaugural Meeting Brings Hope, Excitement



On June 4th during a city council meeting a call to action was given by Tariq Bohkari and Larken Egleston.

“This whole ecosystem needs to be wrapped together and we need to take a decisive look forward to where the business model of music is ultimately going to go. Because that’s just as important as attracting the next major business, because that brings along with it culture. It brings along with it so much more that you can’t quantify.”

– Tariq Boharki, City Council, District 6.


On July 11th, An organization called the Charlotte Area League of Musicians (C.A.L.M) held an inaugural gathering at the Playroom in Charlotte. C.A.L.M has made their mission loud and clear: educate, support, and maximize opportunities for and with musicians.

But how? C.A.L.M.’s website outlines a plan of action consisting of 6 steps. Along with giving musicians a support system of likeminded individuals C.A.L.M plans on hosting an upcoming resource fair.

Amanda Caines (LEFT), Co-Founder of CALM & Manager of Starving Artist Records & Brandon Hinson, Co-Founder of CALM, Production Manager & Creative Content the Filmore/The Underground

Co-founders Amanda Caines and Brandon Hinson believe that there are many more resources right in our backyard than we often realize. Their resource fair is a plan to bring those resources straight to musicians looking for them.

The resource fair will be a way for musicians to get access to all of the resources they need and be educated on the right choices to make in their next step, the options that they have, as well as an economic development program to educate those in attendance.

Educating musicians, providing them with the skills they need to move forward on their musical journey. Gathering all the musicians they can to advocate for music in Charlotte together, presenting a united front and making the voices of musicians louder than ever.

Their website states “Almost every musician has a story about how the City of Charlotte has destroyed parts of it’s own creative identity in the name of ‘progress’.” They aim to bring those likeminded musicians together to enact a change in the Charlotte governments impact on music.

RoyalCity Lif, Charlotte rapper and produce who recently released EP “More.Major.” with Charlotte Hip-Hop artist ReeCee (RIGHT).

Inspiring musicians on and off stage and providing a support system for easier communication and lifting fellow musicians up. Collaboration, providing artists of all genres access to communication and collaboration opportunities with one another.

This brings about cross-promotion, giving opportunities for musicians to gain new fans outside of their specific genre that they otherwise may have not been able to reach.

Overall C.A.L.M could make a hugely positive impact on the longevity and growth of the Charlotte music scene.

Josh Jones of East Viridian (LEFT) & Connor Vogt of Never I.

However they can’t do it without help from their community. When asked what the community can do to help Amanda said “Come to local shows. Meet the musicians. Help promote. Listen to local artists”. You can find more information about the organization at


You can find CALM at any of these links :

Photos by : Gloria Zavaleta


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