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Charlotte Sound, Nü Echo Media team up to release new magazine



Charlotte Sound and Nü Echo Media will be releasing a quarterly magazine focusing on regional music and the creativity found in both Carolinas. If you want to be featured please reach out to us and send us your music and videos. Our goal is to bring to light the talented folks along the south  east coast. We will be focusing on bringing you new music and insight as well as working to deliver videos.

A little teaser of our April issue of Nü Sound … Stay tuned for the full cover!

We love that are readers are extremely involved in the Charlotte Music, Art and Culture community and we would love to have your support for Nü Sound!

We will be printing limited quantities of the first quarter’s magazine and by posting a photo with it, you will be directly supporting the growth of Charlotte’s music scene and it’s talent by helping spread the word.

We don’t want to imagine a world without local music. Your favorite band was once a local artist somewhere too!

Check out our Facebook here, and please like us! Also check out our partner Nü Echo Media.

With our first release dropping in April, our magazine will include 16 full color pages (at least for the first issue and we hope the page count grows with your support) of exclusive content from interviews to new merchandise and shows. Don’t forget to make sure you come to our March 19th event at Birdsong Brewery. There we will be discussing the magazine and doing a meet up/meet and greet style hangout. We want to get to know everyone and we want our readers to get to know our goals and what we are looking for in the future.

With many local venues closing up shop but digital media soaring, our goal is to produce a magazine that promotes local music and shows, one that builds a strong foundation for the music scene to thrive for decades to come.

We hope you will follow us on our journey.

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