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Check out The Beths new single “Out of Sight”



The Beths recently graced us by sharing yet another song that will be a part of their upcoming album, “Jump Rope Gazers” coming out on July 10. 

The spunky New Zealand crew have also released two other singles to be included on their forthcoming sophomore album: “Dying to Believe” and “I’m Not Getting Excited.” The newest single “Out of Sight” is such a wonderful addition to these two songs that the bubbling excitement of having to wait three more weeks until we have “Jump Rope Gazers” blasting through our earbuds will certainly explode into an overflow of ensuing impatience. Especially since it’s quarantine and time moves at an exceptionally sluggish pace.  

From just the music alone, listening to “Out of Sight” for the first time transported me to my childhood bedroom, where I would be lying in bed at 14 listening to artists like The Summer Set on my iPod Touch thinking I had the most impeccable music taste for a girl my age. I let myself ride on that wave of nostalgia

But the lyrics of “Out of Sight” create a layer of complexity, one that I wouldn’t have been able to dissect at 14. The song rings the ever-growing frustration and hopeless yearning that people could feel when encountered with relationships plagued by distance. “And I just love the way the fabric lies / And light reflects the thread you might want to sever / I hope not forever.” And how it’s only through unconditional love that that distance can be filled enough to be saved.

Watch the music video for “Out of Sight” here:

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