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Childish Gambino drops surprising video for new song “This Is America”



Donald Glover took over Saturday Night Live this past weekend with a wealth of great sketches. He also doubled as the musical guest with his alter-ego Childish Gambino taking the stage to perform two new songs. Now, it doesn’t come as any surprise that Glover knocked it out of the park on SNL. His roots, of course, come from sketch comedy and subsequently comedy writing. So for the first time in a while SNL had a nice batch of really good sketches. But, the surprising musical performances were real highlights of the show.

Gambino opened with a new track called, appropriately, “Saturday,” which definitely takes it cues from his less-rap influenced foray in music. But the second performance was the overall winner. “This Is America” is a track with various jarring shifts in musical style, and it again showed how good Gambino is at spitting hard-hitting verses. Alongside the debut of these tracks on SNL, Glover also dropped an official video for “This Is America,” and it’s a must-see.

The video for “This Is America” plays in a similar fashion to the live SNL performance, complete with similar backup dancers. But in-conjunctioon with the genre-shifts throughout the track, the visuals of the video shift from dancing to violence abruptly. It’s a brilliant video, filled with moments that I can’t seem to shake. Unsurpisingly, the look of it all comes courtesy of frequent Glover-collaborator Hiro Murai. Murai has directed several amazing episodes of Glover’s incredible show Atlanta.

Check out the video for “This Is America” right below here. Also, below that you’ll find the SNL performance of “Saturday” and a hilarious Migos-skewering sketch from the show (just cause).

Childish Gambino hasn’t officially announced a new album just yet, but maybe it isn’t so far away? In the meantime, pick up tickets to his upcoming tour right here.


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