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Cinders music video for “Growing Up” out now



Cinders, an alternative pop/rock musical trio from Salt Lake City, Utah, dropped a music video for their recently released single “Growing Up.”

“Growing Up” delineates the reality of growing up; the dichotomy of being overwhelmed by the daunting responsibilities of adulthood, all while the inner-child in you is yearning to be released. With Adrian De La Cruz on the bass, Brad Bennett on the drums, and Montana Smith handling the main vocals, each member of Cinders unite in a lively execution of the upbeat track. The drums are prominent in the single accompanied by continued background vocalization as an added beat. The video utilizes stop motion to create an illusion of a teddy bear playing with a little girl, personifying the role of the stuffed animal. The story progresses along with the song with the now young woman growing up, leaving the stuffed animal behind to do the same. Ted the teddy bear pursues a career but finds his way back to his child-like roots of playful energy, riding a skateboard like he used to do with his childhood pal. The plot relays the theme of the single: the desire of resorting back to frisky tendencies as an adult.

“Growing Up” is the first track that Cinders released since 2018. The culmination of the track dropping after a long three year break evolved into multiple features on Apple Music and Spotify playlists. Following “Growing Up”, Cinders is only going up from here.

Stream “Growing Up” here.

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