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Club Paradise share new synth-rock single “Growing Up”



Quarantine hasn’t stopped Newcastle indie rock band Club Paradise from releasing new music. After kicking off the year with the release of “Teenagers,” the four-piece has kept the momentum going even through isolation.

Just last week they released their new single “Growing Up,” a synth-rock track about–you guessed it–growing up.

According to the band, the track “isn’t just about physically getting older, but about how times have changed. It’s about how disposable everything has become, whether that’s music or memories – it’s rare we hold and cherish these things physically anymore. We don’t hold memories on tapes, people stand and wait for limited retail releases worth thousands of pounds just to forget about the items within a month or two, it’s crazy – yet to some people it’s completely normal and to a degree, expected.”

Check it out:

Get the track here.

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