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Courtney Barnett confronts herself on new song “Everybody Here Hates You”



When we last heard from Courtney Barnett, she had just dropped the excellent, underrated Tell Me How You Really FeelIt was her sophomore full-length and it  came out just about a year ago. Today, she’s checking back in with us all by sharing a brand new standalone song titled “Everybody Here Hates You.” Much like how Barnett confronted the darkness and inner flaws of herself throughout her last LP, the new song sees the Aussie singer/songwriter cycling around self esteem issues. Yet despite the heavier theme, it once again retains the casual guitar rock hookiness of most of her material.

Courtney Barnett shared this statement about the new track:

”I started writing it in May 2017 at my freezing cold warehouse on an out-of-tune and unplugged Fender Stratocaster with rusty strings. It was from the paranoid pile of Tell Me How You Really Feel but the lyrics didn’t get finished in time to make the album. to be honest the words felt too vulnerable n I didn’t want anybody to hear them. When I finally found the chorus, I decided to record it with my band in September 2018. Bones Sloane played bass, Dave Mudie played drums, Dan Luscombe lay on the carpet and played the organ. They all sung wonderful backing vocals.”

“Everybody Here Hates You” will see a limited physical release on 12” vinyl for Record Store Day (which is this Saturday FYI). On the b-side we’ll get last year’s standalone single “Small Talk.”

Check out “Everybody Here Hates You” right below here. And be sure to head to your local record store (if you have one) this Saturday to pick up the limited 12” single.

Tell Me How You Really Feel still rules and deserves your attention, so do a good thing by picking up a copy of it right here.


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