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Creatrx unveils their explosive, positive, new EP ‘dirt. honey. glitter, water’



Non-binary trailblazer, Creatrx does it again with a new EP, ‘dirt. honey, glitter. water’. This EP represents what makes Creatrx who they are as well as nodding toward sex positivity and their African culture. The experimental accompaniment and instrumental backing have been inspired by many different genres like Black house music and punk. Creatrx also nods to African religion as the title of their EP holds much significance to religion. All of these elements paint a picture for any listener of theirs and prove that the music is more than just music. Creatrx offers a message that is important for everyone to listen to and hear.

When asked to provide a short description of the new release, Creatrx stated,I make music for Black people, especially Black LGBTQ+ folks. I want to tell our stories, talk about our sorrows, things that bring us joy, and the things that move us. I hope to add to this canon of Black music that moves and creates joys and healing in this time when it feels like everything in the world is trying to take it from us. This work takes back the power from the institutions and ideas that have not served me and looks into recognizing the power from Earth’s elements and within myself. They are potent magic tools I use almost daily in my own spiritual practice and performance. In my life, my relationships, my art, and basically all I do, I am surrounded by and support Black queer people – by the very people who make the culture. I value and honor the culture and the people who make it.”

Listen to ‘Dirt. Honey. Glitter. Water.” here.

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