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Crying on the phone with SZA is now a reality



In late January, SZA tweeted a message sent from heaven: “2 days outta the week we GON TALK CRY OR WHATEVER U WANNA DO.” This led to a hotline where fans can call in and speak with her personally on GOODLINE. When she isn’t able to pick up, the hotline provides custom meditations and other resources hand-picked by SZA.

Below is the “commercial” video SZA released, which was shot by Blair Caldwell and directed by herself.

Check it out:

Immediately after release, problems occured due to the sheer amount of fans needing to get a good cry in. Within the first 5 hours of GOODLINE being activated, over 60,000 calls came in and ultimately crashed the line.

Along with fixing the issues she addressed in the tweet above, SZA and her team plan to make different meditations longer, some of which she posted on her Instagram.

Minor mistakes aside, this project is exemplary for an incredible future for fans. Efforts like SZA’s show how inclusive artists and their fanbases can become across different platforms. Just like the phone number’s tagline, actions like this help make “A space for everyone”.

You can call the hotline at 808-8000-0CRY.

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