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Cursive announce new album ‘Vitriola,’ drop first single “Life Savings”



Cursive made their name as the angsty, punkier side of indie rock throughout their many years on the Omaha-based independent label Saddle Creek Records. Just last year, though, the band started up their own record label. They wanted to not only to wholly own their back catalog, but also to sign new artists and release new music. The label started off with Cursive bandleader Tim Kasher’s newest solo album No Resolution, which doubled as the soundtrack for his writer/directorial debut of the same name. They also reissued their first two albums, and signed new artist Campdogzz (who had a new album come out just last week). And now, the band have come with the biggest news yet: a new album from Cursive.

Vitriola will be Cursive’s eighth studio album, their first since 2012’s I Am Gemini. The new LP will be out October 5 through their label. For their triumphant return back into the indie music scene, the band are directly harkening back to a period in their sound that was the most raw, emotional, and successful. Founding drummer Clint Schnase is back with the band, and they’ve added new member Megan Siebe to play cello. The band originally added cellist Gretta Cohn to the band for the release of their now oft-considered masterpiece The Ugly Organ. Since its release, they haven’t had a cellist on record.

As Cursive have continued, each album has represented a new sound and artistic direction for the group. But with Vitriola, the band are excited to get back into their old style again. To get a taste of the new album, they’ve just dropped first single “Life Savings.” As expected, it features the heavy guitars that they founded their sound on directly alongside those incredible cello sounds. Check out the new track down below. Then take a look at the album art and tracklist for Vitriola just below that.

01 Free To Be Or Not To Be You Or Me
02 Pick Up The Pieces
03 It’s Gonna Hurt
04 Under The Rainbow
05 Remorse
06 Ouroboros
07 Everending
08 Ghost Writer
09 Life Savings
10 Noble Soldier / Dystopian Lament

Pre-order Vitriola right here.


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