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Dark Station releases “Ryse” lyric video



Up-and-coming rock group Dark Station has just released a lyric video for the track “Ryse” off of their debut full length album Down in the Dark released in October 2019.

The group consists of Nathan Spades (vocals), Kyle Ort (guitar), David Bruno (guitar), Eric Sinful (bass), and Dylan Roy (drums). They came together from respective projects to form Dark Station, a band determined to aid in the revival of the rock scene.

The band prides itself on the ability to seamlessly transition from crushingly heavy riffs to unforgettably haunting melodies and lyrics. With inspiration drawing from the 90’s and early 00’s rock bands, there is a certain familiarity to the music that’s refreshing and yet evolved into what can only be described as Dark Station.

“Ryse” is a perfect example of Dark Station’s unique combination of poetic lyricism, unapologetic heaviness, and creative presentation. The sound is fresh, cutting, and extremely relevant.

Spades explains the track as being about “coming together as a group and standing up for what’s right. It’s about the power of the unified voice of the people.” Ort adds, “we wrote this song over a year ago, but we decided to create a video for it because we feel like it fits perfectly with all of the turmoil of 2020.”

There is no denying that standing up for what’s right is precisely what 2020 has embodied. “Ryse” provides a message perfect for the current times and Dark Station provides a perfect appeal for the new age of rock.

Watch the lyric video for “Ryse” here:

Stream “Ryse” and the rest of Down in the Dark here.

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Kira Proctor is a recent UCLA Communications graduate with a passion for music and live events. In yearning for creative expressions, she has seen over 100 bands live, hosted her own radio show, and worked with companies such as Girlie Action Media, TEDx, and GeekRockTV in PR, Marketing, and Journalism. Kira lives her life searching for the next piece of entertainment that she can help develop.

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