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David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti are releasing a lost album as Thought Gang



If you’re at all familiar with David Lynch you know how much music has played a role in his films (and his life). He’s released two solo albums himself, but beyond that music plays a vital role throughout his filmography. And if you know this already, then you know that musician Angelo Badalamenti has been an important collaborator for a long time. Around the time Badalamenti had completed work on season two of Twin Peaks, he formed a band with Lynch himself called Thought Gang. The two planned on releasing a full length album, but it never totally came to fruition. Instead, they recorded various tracks in pieces over the years. And now all those songs have formed to create their “lost” album which will finally be seeing the light of day this year.

The debut album from Thought Gang, titled Thought Gang, will finally see release on November 2 through Sacred Bones Records. The full length project will feature 12 slow jazz-styled tracks, some of which you may already be familiar with. At the start of Thought Gang, two of their songs (“A Real Indication” and “The Black Dog Runs At Night”) appeared on the score for the Twin Peaks film Fire Walk With Me. And three others showed up on last year’s Twin Peaks revival series. The rest is all new material. 

Ahead of the album’s release, one of the new tracks has been shared. “Woodcutters From Fiery Ships” follows right in-line with those Fire Walk With Me tracks. You get some bizarre spoken word amidst some incredible, haunting instrumentals. What more could you ask for? Check out the song, as well as the album art and tracklist for Thought Gang, right below here.

01 Stalin Revisited
02 Logic and Common Sense
03 One Dog Bark
04 Woodcutters From Fiery Ships
05 A Real Indication
06 Jack Pains It Red
07 A Meaningless Conversation
08 Frank 2000 Prelude
09 Multi-Tempo Wind Boogie
10 The Black Dog Runs at Night
11 Frank 2000
12 Summer Night Noise

Pre-order Thought Gang through Sacred Bones Records right here.


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