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eaJ, Rich Brian, Love In My Pocket eaJ, Rich Brian, Love In My Pocket

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DAY6’s Jae adds onto Rich Brian’s “Love In My Pocket”



After teasing a collaboration on Twitter yesterday, eaJ, the solo name for Jae Park from the Korean rock band DAY6, and Indonesian rapper Rich Brian posted a video of Jae adding a verse to the rapper’s “Love In My Pocket.”

The video is a compilation of green screen edits featuring Rich Brian, as the original music video was shot on a bare green screen set. Continuing on the fun, eaJ delivers his part in front of a green screen, even hanging from a special effects harness to hopefully inspire some flying video edits.

You can download eaJ’s green screen section to “make some fun edits with the flying man” here.

Check it out:

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