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Death metal band Skeletal Remains release uncompromising first single “Illusive Divinity” off upcoming record



In the midst of cities gearing back up, California death metal band Skeletal Remains are as well as they release latest single “Illusive Divinity” off upcoming record The Entombment of Chaos, due September 11th.

The Entombment Of Chaos, Skeletal Remains’ fourth studio album, explores cohesive, chunky sections encasing low classic growling that honors the band’s original sound off previous records. Pre-order the record in your preferred form here.

Skeletal Remains originally formed as Anthropophagy back in 2011, released two acclaimed albums through German label FDA Rekotz and honed their skills on the road, playing an impressive amount of gigs and tours early on in the band’s career. In 2018, the band took the proverbial next step, releasing their third record, Devouring Mortality, on Dark Descent in North America and Century Media internationally leading up to their current album cycle.

“We are very excited to share with you the first single and opening track off of our new album The Entombment Of Chaos,” says the band. “We feel this is a good introduction to the album that gives you the vibe for what the rest of the record has to offer. ‘Illusive Divinity’ tells a story about the arrival of higher beings with hidden intentions fooling all into believing they are divine entities here to bring salvation to humanity. Hope you all enjoy!”



“Cosmic Chasm” (Intro)
“Illusive Divinity”
“Congregation Of Flesh”
Synthetic Impulse”
“Tombs Of Chaos”
“Enshrined In Agony” (Instrumental)
“Torturous Ways To Obliteration”
“Eternal Hatred”
“Unfurling The Casket”

“Stench Of Paradise Burning” (DISINCARNATE cover)



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