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Disrupt Festival brings assorted rock bands to 25 different cities



Rockstar Energy presents a summer tour sporting a number of different genre bands. Sounds familiar, right? For the next few years, any touring summer festival will sound like Warped Tour, but Rockstar brings something different with this one that Warped Tour never could. Only one band plays at a time, bringing larger individual crowds and allows each attendee to experience all the acts. While this puts restraints on the number of bands that can be featured, Disrupt Festival did a solid job of creating a good mix, hitting on a wide range of rock-genres from Memphis May Fire to Meg & Dia.

We gotta admit, the lineup (and the poster) seem like a warm welcome for all us retired emo kids, with the neon graphics and zebra print-ish background, but don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it. It hits Charlotte, NC on June 29th at PNC Music Pavilion and passes are up for grabs now. Don’t wait on these! See you and your colored skinny jeans there.




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