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DJ YouKnowHD Arrives In The QC



Long Island NY to Charlotte NC DJ YouKnowHD has landed and is already working.

YouKnowHD is a DJ, owner of YouKnow Radio and Co-Founder of New York based Media/Placement company – We Are The Inner Circle (WATIC). I met him back at the original Underground during #MFGD, the whole WATIC crew came down I can’t remember what for (I could flex and said they came for my show but thats not quite how it went). Fast forward a year or 2, earlier this year he and Mac Vick brought me up to NY to film a Rich the Kid concert they threw, I worked with him during SXSW and he gave me the plug/ability to start my first Radio Show on – Ra’s Radio. When I say the homie has connections, the homie YouKnowHD has connections. He’s a major player who’s moved down from New York and is already diving head first in to the scene, making a name for himself.


He hasn’t been here a week and he’s already proven to be a link between the underground and mainstream scene by introducing me to DJ NGenius (We got a CRAZY Halloween party in the works now btw). YouKnowHD expressed to me his goal of keeping his New York State of Mind throughout this whole transition to which I explained to him it’s easy to get trapped in the laid back energy of the South. However, in an ever-evolving industry we need the minds and work ethic of people like DJ YouKnowHD. And maybe I’m just speaking for myself but I like to believe we all could use that one friend who’s constantly looking for the next move to make or be made, it helps us from becoming stagnant and complacent with the way our lives are.

Our city is growing daily and we need to highlight people like YouKnowHD. Homie has worked with alot of major artists AND We Are The Inner Circle artist – UFO Fev just inked a deal with Roc Nation, dropped a crazy freestyle on Funk Flex and did a dope ass interview with Daz (Hey Daz!) . He’s able to offer the city a lot of outlets that we originally didn’t have from online radio play to New York show opportunities to music video placement on BET MTV and VH1. And if we did have these opportunities he’s only expanding our reach as a community and ultimately that’s what its all about. I’m excited the he’s in the city and I’m expecting a lot of success to flow this mans way. If you ain’t know, now YouKnowHD!


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