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Dolly Parton revamps her classic “9 to 5” for entrepreneurs



Miss Dolly Parton, the patron saint of country music, brought her brand to another new level during the 2021 Superbowl; partnering with Squarespace, Parton released a version of her classic “9 to 5” as “5 to 9”.

The commercial was essentially a music video snippet and featured office workers waiting for their standard workday to end so they could pursue their other passions with SquareSpace. Parton’s lyrics invite them tobe your own boss, climb your own ladder, and the commercial ends with an eruption of color and personalized cubicles.

Dolly’s reimagined lyrics boast passion, vision and creation: “Gonna move ahead and there’s nothing that you can’t do / When you listen to that little voice inside you”. The best part of her new release, however, is how much she left untouched: original big-band sound and her encouraging voice, just with an even stronger message.

While she surely received a hefty allowance from Squarespace, Parton was able to show off her own side hustle, being her new line of fragrance. The song and perfume line can be found here, featured on her own Squarespace site. Surprisingly, Parton did receive some criticism over her “voice [being] used to promote the false virtues of working overtime“, Parton fans were quick to shut down any slander thrown her way, and with good reason too. Parton is no stranger to entrepreneurship as she created her own empire over the years; She has proven to be very careful with the causes and promotions she takes part in. Aside from funding millions of dollars to the Moderna vaccine, being a feminist icon and promoter for countless charities, it seems more than acceptable for Parton to encourage side-projects and creation, especially during a time of unknown work schedules/working from home.

As a woman who has always been advocating for good character and hard work (not to mention the two Presidential Medals of Freedom that she declined), Dolly Parton’s on-brand remix to her classic was nothing short of refreshing during the new work-from-home era we live in.

Listen to “5 to 9” on all platforms here.

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