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Don’t Sleep on Chicago’s Pop-Punk Pride: Sleep On It



Sleep On It isn’t any ordinary pop-punk Chicago band. Swear bear.

Before making the exciting announcement of signing to Equal Vision Records, Chicago pop-punk band Sleep On It already had fans that were in for the long haul. Touring with pop-punk giant Four Year Strong, we finally got to witness strangers becoming new fans of this down to earth group. On stage, Sleep On It brings the entire package, topped with guitarest Jake Marquis’ screams and Pluister’s distinctive melodies with encouraging banter between songs.

There’s just something about the welcoming vibe and watching by-standers scoot closer to the stage with each line, watching their faces light up with “wait, these guys are awesome!”, that makes us fall in line with the rest of their ride-or-die fans. Distinctively, each fan of SOI is instead a friend, fostering a “support your friends” relationship that the music scene has desperately needed.

Check out Sleep On It vocalist Zech Pluister on their latest EP, So What Music Festival and advice on friendship. 


Sleep On It has gone from dominating the Chicago pop-punk scene to dominating hearts of fans nation-wide. How does it feel to have gained all of this recognition in less than a year?

It’s been a crazy year. Seeing all the new fans every night has been absolutely mind blowing. We are so absolutely grateful for every single person coming to our shows and singing the words back at us.

Your latest EP Lost Along The Way starts and finishes incredibly strong. What are some of the experience that brought inspired these songs? 

A lot of this EP was written in a time of change and transition. It has a lot of themes of loss. Loss of friendship, family, significant others. “Let Me Go” specifically deals with the loss of a relationship that really changed my life in a negative way and I really wanted to capture what it was like moving on after that experience.

A theme of Sleep On It seems to be straight up friendship. What’s your definition of true friendship?

True friendship is having a person, or luckily in my case, people that would do absolutely anything for you. Stop anything in their lives on the drop of a dime to help and be there for you.

While Sleep On It makes friends literally everywhere, what are your favorite venues to play?

I love the Beat Kitchen in Chicago. The Shelter in Detroit. Grog Shop in Columbus. There’s so many it’s hard to list!

How was playing So What?! last weekend? What was your favorite part of SWMF?

Just seeing all the friends! We had a lot of old friends playing the fest so it was great to reconnect. We made a lot of new friends as well, saw a lot of great band play incredible sets! Just the whole experience was incredible.

If you could say one thing to Mike Ziemer right now, what would it be?

Thank you. You’ve been a supporter of this band for a long time, and it means the absolute world that you had us out to play So What this year! Let’s do it again!

If you could describe the sound of Sleep On It in one word, what would it be?

Loud. Loud in a lot of ways. Physically loud, were loud in terms of being outspoken. Our emotions are loud and proud on the record. And we’re just loud dudes!

What advice would you give to upcoming pop-punk bands on friendship?

Especially in the music scene, I feel like too many bands see other bands as competitors. It really should be the other way around. Befriend the bands around you. If you see a band that you think is rad, tell them, exchange numbers, ask for help, hang out and learn from them. Create together instead of trying to tear them down.


Listen to the EP here and catch them on tour with AS IT IS and Greyscale!


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