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Dougie Poole remakes The Sopranos’ theme with “The Who’s Who of Who Cares”



Dougie Poole has premiered his latest single “The Who’s Who of Who Cares.”

Fresh off the release of his newest album, The Freelancer’s Blues, Poole has demonstrated a graduation from synthesizer bedroom country to whole-heartedly embracing a wailing pedal steel country sound embroidered with honky-tonk harmonies and meticulously constructed arrangements. Having come of age in New Jersey, who better than the NYC transplant to take on the task of remaking The Sopranos’ opening credits in the accompanying music video. 

And the inspiration behind “The Who’s Who of Who Cares”?

“My friends and I had been using this turn of phrase for years, long before I ever started this project. Maybe someone asks ‘Who was at the party?’, expecting a real answer, and the other person responds ‘The who’s who of who cares.’ It’s a way of poking fun at whoever asked the question for caring to ask. It’s a way of poking fun at any number of people at the party, who might have been cooler, smarter, better-looking, more-fashionable than we were,” explains Poole. “As time went on that turn of phrase started to mean something different to me. Instead of the who’s who of who cares being the other people, the who’s who of who cares were my people. The artists I work with, and play shows with, who don’t always know whether to keep going or pack it in.”

Check it out:

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Lauren Aquino is a contributing writer to Nü Sound Online. UCLA. Born and based in Los Angeles. She loves dairy-free dessert and tweeting at Lorde knowing she will never respond.

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