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Duo, DBMK, unveil there new exciting upbeat track titled “Tough”



Nashville-based duo DBMK, consisting of vocalist Kyle Knudsen and drummer Colton Ward released their newest single “Tough”. This track has an excitable pop-upbeat that will have you screaming the lyrics. DBMK shows their talent for creating a song that holds power in that everyone can relate to the lyrical content. One listen of this track and I promise you will find yourself on a deep dive into the other works of the duo.

Check it out here:


When asked about the meaning behind the song the duo explains: “‘Tough’ is a song about feeling utterly stuck in the place you’re at in life and being constantly overlooked by a world that seems to be moving faster and faster around you,”. “This place that you’re stuck in could be school, a job, a relationship, or a state of mine. Do you have the confidence to get up and change your circumstances?”

Listen to “Tough” here.

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