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Electro pop-rock duo bend 12xPretty bend genres with new single “Caliphornia”




Victoria BC-based electro pop-rock duo 12xPretty return with a new single and video, boasting more dramatic keystrokes and echoing robotic croons.


photo by Aaron Aubrey 

At first, “Caliphornia” feels alien and dark with creeping slow vocals but bursts to life in a neon, auto-tuned explosion. The video features some unnerving scenes of mannequins, AI faces, a dancing pink demon and a sexy lab tech witnessing microscopic bacteria come to life. It’s weird in all it’s artistic glory, just like the song’s namesake.

Recorded in BC at Electric City Sound with producer Ron Thaler, the band’s debut self-titled album, 12XPretty,  due February 21st, steers between disillusionment and hope, sacredness and irreverence, sifting through personal pathos and existential turmoil to deliver songs flush with untempered darkness. It’s a perfect accompaniment to the band’s multisensory, Bladerunner-esque live aesthetic which features theatrical LED projections and mannequins who act as hype men in between songs.

photo by Aaron Aubrey 



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