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Electronic artists collaborate for May 7th EP ‘Here As One’



The three-track EP Here As One (May 7th) from Philidelphia electronic artists Fried Monk and Beautiful-Fortune brightens the space of listeners with groovy guitar tones and indie-rock style vocals.


This pair of electronic artists (Fried Monk x Beautiful-Fortune) create a burst of universal perfection in their upcoming EP Here As One, out May 7th. “Planet B” is a groovy and enlightening track; it feels like a sunny shrooms trip even when completely sober. Fans of Kid Cudi and the Gorillaz will find similar vibes in this EP.


Farruk explains the process: “We didn’t arrive with a concept in mind, any unified theme, or a particular statement in mind to make with these songs. All we knew was we wanted the ability to explore and create without any boundaries or restrictions. Verses were often written on the spot, and in just a few minutes. We never went back to punch in a new verse or make any deliberate changes. The first drafts are the final drafts.”


Fried Monk (Lucas Kozinski) has been making electronic music in Philadelphia for a decade now where he also owns the recording studio Sleepless Sound Studio that has worked with bands like Loose Tooth, Square Peg Round Hole, OhBree, and a bunch of other folks coming out of that killer Philly music scene. Beautiful-Fortune (Jameel Farruk) comes from an alternative indie-rock background and actually worked on his own music at Sleepless Sound Studio for a while before teaming up with Kozinski on this project.




Instagram | Bandcamp



Instagram | Bandcamp


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