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Electronic duo MILKBLOOD unveil debut EP ‘VOID’



David Dhalquist and Pat Morrissey have debuted their new electronic project MILKBLOOD. The new EP VOID, out today, showcases the duo’s synth-filled sound.

Three tracks long, the EP kicks off with “SICK OF BEING HONEST. Here’s what MILKBOOD had to say about the track:

“The genesis of this project basically was born from A&R’s in pop music telling us as producers that ‘We want something left of center for our artists.’ We work 3 to 4 days a week with pop artists here in LA. But when we’d do something left of center we’d hear back that it was too weird or too left. So we said fuck it, let’s go to a cabin in Big Bear for a weekend, take some acid and do some weird shit and get it out of our systems. The first night we did ‘Sick of being honest.’ It was the most honest example of us expressing ourselves as producers without barriers. The song originally was mumble vocals with no lyrics cause that’s how we write vocal melodies. Then we got our friend Micah Premnath to transcribe and record our mumbles into lyrics. The song probably most accurately captures the sounds we hear in our head when we sit down to make music.”

Check it out:

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