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Endangered Species Tell A Tale of Loss, Hardship, and Redemption in New Video “Magic Man”



For the Divver brothers, The Endangered Species are more than just a band: they are a movement raising awareness, consciousness, and trying to spark an awakening of thought and revolution in their listeners. If humans do not become more conscious of their impact on the earth, the other species that exist, the water, the future generations, humans will cease to exist.  They urge fans to stand up and change the world for the better, to not be mindless sheep used as pawns in a society ruled by the powerful elites and their money first mentality. They want to be a voice for the people who have been forgotten, left behind, and demand change. The pair live by the motto, “Try to save a life a thousand years away, it starts with a change inside yourself.”

The brothers and family lived a humble life in Arizona on Rock & Roll Road, where Robin was born at home.  Living off the grid one mile from the U.S. Mexico border, they pumped water from a windmill, took bucket baths, had no electricity other than a generator, and utilized  two school buses that once served as the family’s home. In fact, Wade was given birth to in one of the buses while his parents lived in Contreras, New Mexico. Despite the hardship this family faced, they got through it thanks to their shared love of Rock & Roll. But it was going to take a while before the family saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Endangered Species’ band name was originally used by the Divver brothers’ parents in the late 80’s early 90’s. Their father wrote songs and performed out at live venues. Tired of trying to keep bands together, he turned their mother into his bass player. They called themselves The Endangered Species and inscribed it on all of their gear. When the brothers inherited all of the equipment a lot of it already had the band name on it. They made the decision to carry on the band name as it fit the message that they wanted to portray through their music.  They have recruited several members over the years to fill out the line up to bring the music to the stage and studio.

Despite a traumatic childhood, Wade and Robin are dedicated to promoting a bigger message of compassion, love, triumph, and change for the betterment of all lives. They are focused on bringing music back to its authentic form, paying no attention to hit writing or gimmicks. Literally hailing from Rock & Roll Road in Hereford, AZ. These brothers were born to rock. Stay tuned for more announcements leading up to The Endangered Species’ release and find out more about their incredible story through their new music.

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