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Interview/EP Review: Pseudo Star by His Dreams of Lions (Out February 2018)



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Leading with hit single “Love Me Like I’m Sick”, Pseudo Star is Virginia’s latest, young pop/rock four-piece’s upcoming EP (February). The word “hit” is one I use rarely, but as a professional “hit-predictor”, this is one you’ll be hearing on Top 40 stations in a few months. Followed by a snappy hit “Earth Girls”, who apparently never let vocalist/guitarist Seth Coggeshall take them home, continues with a playful drum backing fit for a romantic comedy, fading out into synth-starter “Killer Trip”. Each of the five tracks featured on Pseudo Star is full of a luster sure to get them featured everywhere around the globe by the end of this quarter. With a chorus of “I fuck with your magic”, “Magic” is an electric, high-spirited song that brings memories of the low expectations of childhood love, melting into light piano notes and electric guitar strums courtesy of Coggeshall and Nick Jones. Wrapping up the EP with “Swingin”, a familiar pop/punk phrase is present, “I guess we’ll go out swinging” and leaves listeners craving more rich jams from this group.

A pop/rock tune with influences pulled from bands like Fun. and Freddy Mercury-like vocal dynamics, this track is the perfect kick-off to His Dreams of Lions’ best year to come. Check out our quick chat with them below!

So you’re just off the road with another hard-hitting upcoming band Hang Tight! What were some of your favorite experiences from those tour dates?

Hanging out in Nashville with those dudes was really rad. We also played a house show in Indiana that was pretty insane and they killed it as usual. All in all it was a great tour and we’d love to hit the road with those guys again.

Seth mentions your upcoming EP Pseudo Star is more about pressing on the face of uncertainty. Can you tell Nü Sound readers about a time where you experienced that yourself?

I think making this record was a perfect example of that. We’re still very unsure about where this band is heading, but we decided to do what we do best, play music and pour our hearts out into an EP we really believe in. In the end I think that’s the best any of us can do.

While the new EP pulls influence from bands like Fun., what are some artists or bands who pushed you to create music in the first place?

We take a lot of inspiration from the big Alt. Rock bands of the mid 2000’s, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, The Killers, All American Rejects. We grew up on those bands and they’ve always been a big influence on us as songwriters. Additionally we all come from pretty musical families, so when we found ourselves in middle school admiring all these great bands the move to start making music ourselves was pretty natural.

The word “young” probably comes up in every interview you’ve done, but we have to ask: how old is everyone? 

We’re all in our early 20’s, our oldest member is 23!

What are three words you would use to describe Pseudo Star?

Pseudo Star is epic, slightly funny, and colorful.

I’m sure you’ll tour with some incredible acts this year, what are your top bands or artists you’d like to tour with in 2018?

We’d love to hit the road with Assuming We Survive again those are great dudes. This is a long shot but playing with Haim would be killer. We love their last record.

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