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the faim summer is a curse review the faim summer is a curse review

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EP Review: The Faim – ‘Summer Is a Curse’



The Faim aren’t here to mess around.

After the release of their single “Saints of the Sinners” in February of this year, the Australian pop-rock outfit earned themselves substantial internet hype. Comparisons to Panic! At the Disco and Fall Out Boy flooded social media (rightfully so, considering Pete Wentz co-wrote the track). Still, we had to wait and see what an extended release would mean for the band.

It wasn’t any secret that they had talent. The question was what they would do with it.

For their first EP Summer Is a Curse, the Faim came in swinging with a team of industry all-stars. The incomparable John Feldmann (blink-182, All Time Low, Night Argent) led the pack, producing all six tracks on the EP. The titular and opening track also had a helping hand from the crème de la crème of the pop-punk/alt-pop sphere. Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots, Mark Hoppus of blink-182 and Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer all donated their talents, contributing to the track achieving an impressive 3.5 million global streams upon its release as a single.

Yet despite the assistance from industry staples, the band’s innate talent remains apparent. The record showcases the band’s simultaneous cohesiveness and versatility, delivering classic pop-rock songs with a variety of sounds.

From its very first note, “Summer Is a Curse” pulls you in with an undulating intro that’s entirely enthralling. The track is commercial enough to quite literally be used in commercials while retaining a fan-base of pop-punk aficionados who like to consider themselves subversive.

Perhaps the highlight of the record, “A Million Stars” subverts expectations. With staccato vocals on the verse juxtaposed with a sweeping melodic chorus, the track differentiates itself from a classic pop-rock song. It highlights the band’s own unique style and proves that they don’t need a team of legends behind them to make a name for themselves.

Every pop-rock/punk record needs a track you can listen to while solemnly gazing out of a window in a pool of self-pity. Emo-esque “Make Believe” delivers just that, complete with group vocals to make your problems seem anything but trivial.

“I Can Feel You”, meanwhile, stands apart as a classic anthem, one guaranteed to get everyone on their feet and drunkenly singing along from start to finish.

The verses of “My Heart Needs to Breathe” ooze Fall Out Boy. The chorus itself won’t blow you away, but the track carries an infectious energy pulled to the forefront by frontman Josh Raven’s powerhouse vocals. Anyone who can listen without singing along to “So get the fuck in or get the fuck out” is either a monster or simply has terrible musical taste (though aren’t those one in the same?).

The EP concludes with “When It Comes”, a light and breezy heartfelt pop song. Featuring a simplistic drumbeat and much softer instrumentals than the other five tracks, “When It Comes” highlights Raven’s (albeit contorted) vocals. The track is an all-around pleasing way to slow down as the record comes to an end. Until of course, you put it on repeat.

Summer Is a Curse marks a triumphant beginning of the Faim’s musical career, ensuring that soon they will be a band who needs no introduction. The band’s debut LP is due in 2019, and, so far, all signs point to it being a smashing success.


Recommended Tracks:

“Summer Is a Curse”
“A Million Stars”
“I Can Feel It”


Fall Out Boy
Panic! At the Disco
Every Avenue
The Academy Is…

Pick up the record here.

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