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EP Review: UK alt-pop/electronic singer Salt Ashes ‘counting crosses’



counting crosses features Salt Ashes’ signature dark songs and melodies with a zeitgeist club sound, inspired by Giorgio Moroder’s blend of disco and epic dark atmospheres.

Opening with an ominously high octave, the first Salt Ashes (Veiga Sanchez) track on latest EP counting crosses “solo” traverses from low synth darkness to warm, powerful bridge beats. Although this single immediately juts out as her most powerful release on counting crosses, title track “counting crosses” delivers a quick, profound chorus “and now we’re counting crosses/one for me, one for you” that feels like heartbreak in a graveyard.

“My artist friend Rosanne Lewis and I got home at 3 AM after a night out and we messed around on one of my synths in my bedroom and this fell out of us,” says Salt Ashes about the title track of the EP. “We demoed it there and then I whispered the vocals out so we didn’t wake up our housemates. We stayed up until 7 AM finishing it because we were so hyped. Louis Souyave produced it and brought it to life. I’ve never had someone so ‘in my head’ who understood exactly what I want more than he did. It was very collaborative too which makes me even more in love with the record as a whole.” 

Transitioning into a more low-key feel, “rara” melts in outro track “*chaos tonight – outro” full of beautiful vocal runs and uplifting, light synth. This EP is a quick espresso shot of Salt Ashes’ artistic capability and her successes to come.


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