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Female rock duo, Tarah Who?, releases song inspired by mansplainer



Featured Image by Maria Quintana

Grunge-punk duo, Tarah Who?, has released a new music video to their song “Pantomath”.

The video and vocals alike, reflect the aggression of being surrounded by someone who takes on the “all-knowing” persona. The female duo came up with the idea for the song while having a conversation with another musician — also known as the high-key “pantomath” — about their musical journeys. Lead singer, Tarah G. Carpenter, expressed to this unnamed musician that “there is not one formula to success, otherwise it would be known and there would be no point in having a story and standing out”. The feeling of being mansplained to led the duo to create this song overflowing with vehement energy.

Stream “Pantomath” below:

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Irene got her B.A. in English and Music Industry from UCLA. She has an affinity towards film music, her piano, and embracing her Armenian identity. Instagram | @theonewhereireneisfine

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