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Filthy deathgrind Skullshitter share single “Lava Seed” and announce split LP with Bleeding Out



Concocting their own strain of necro lysergic deathgrind since 2010, Skullshitter plays old-school grindcore soaked in acid.

Repulsion, Terrorizer, and Autopsy are put through a bizarre psychedelic Satan-worshiping hallucination striving to unlearn the mental brainwashing implanted by the bloodsuckers of this world. The power trio deliver a three-headed vocal attack and make every show a new trip, realizing the true nature of inner freedom through psychedelics and rock ‘n’ roll.


Skullshitter has shared new track “Lava Seed”, the latest psalm of sickness from New York City-based deathgrind unit. The track features on the band’s impending split with Toronto’s Bleeding Out.

The Skullshitter/Bleeding Out split will be released on LP and digital formats September 27th via Nerve Altar. For preorders and to sample opening crusher, “Council Of Disease,” visit THIS LOCATION.

“‘Lava Seed’ pounds life back into the thirsty corpses littering the Earth’s barren womb. Intoxicating the species. Human and beast alike awaken to the wet heat of ‘Lava Seed.’ Rock and roll tremors crumble encrustulations. Corpses return.” — Skullshitter



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