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Five new tasty tracks perfect for Halloween



If you’re looking for some creepy songs to match your inner Halloween demons, we’ve got five brand new singles to top it off. Halloween never truly hits until you’ve heard “Thriller” over a thousand times and watched movies that ruin your sleep schedule. For us, an eerie Halloween playlist is the treat to our trick. Bake some pumpkin cookies and put on your worst mask.

5. “Human” by Maggie Lindemann – If you’re looking for an absolutely haunting track to get you feeling creepy, Maggie Lindemann’s “Human” features a simple piano bridge that hits you like a bump in the night. Feel your stomach drop as Maggie’s soft vocals light up your night. Watch the full video here to really get your creep on.

4. “Werewolf (featuring Yoshi Flower)” by Quinn XCII – If an adorable pop Halloween love story sounds great, Quinn XCII’s new single “Werewolf” will have you wishing for a loveable furry guy of your own. “You’re moonlight, I’m werewolf” echoes in the chorus as he chases a lost love (who happens to want to suck your blood). The video narrates a high school reunion where no one comes out alive.

3. “Close Your Eyes” by Kim Petras – While some artists prefer to stay vague with Halloween references, Kim Petras went all out with her new mixtape of spooky songs. TURN OFF THE LIGHT VOL. 1 includes five, “bloodthirsty-beats” and “sinister synth”, our favorite is “Close Your Eyes”. Another track “Turn Off The Light” features cult horror icon Elvira for a spoken word bridge. This Kim Petras mixtape is all kinds of witchy.

2. “Get Dark” by AFI – The beautiful thing about punk and post-hardcore is that it feels grave throughout the year. Come Halloween, a chorus of noisy riffs and shouting brings even the crankiest cauldrons to a bubbling froth. AFI decided to bless this Halloween with new track “Get Dark” and a new EP announcement. The Missing Man EP from AFI is coming to you December 7th.

  1. “Baby You’re a Haunted House” by Gerard Way – If this name doesn’t sound familiar, you definitely weren’t an emo kid. Whether that’s a blessing or an insult, Gerard Way’s solo project has crept its way into the hearts of old and new fans alike with new single “Baby You’re a Haunted House”. The lyric video features a skeleton band singing to their lover through life and death. Better find another superstition. #BYAHH

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