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Friendship Commanders bring feminist rock to the forefront with new album ‘BILL’



Feminist rock duo Friendship Commanders have released their new album, BILL.

The pair shared their thoughts on the record:

“This batch of songs is quite a bit more challenging than anything we’ve played before. In the few years that we’ve been a band, we’ve changed and grown stylistically, and I feel like this record is where we really found what we are. The songs are a little slower, though not much, and heavier and far less linear, which is wonderful because it allows for truly getting creative. Buick really brought it all to the table when writing and conceiving this record, and I take a lot of pride in getting to play these songs and call them my own.” – Jerry Roe
“This is the record I’ve wanted to make for my entire life. These songs and this band are allowing me to tell the truth about what I’ve lived through and how those experiences have changed me. Jerry’s contributions to the songs so embolden the sentiments; I’m a big fan of his playing on the record. And working with Steve was a life goal, the real life experience of which exceeded all of my expectations. I’ve historically felt self-conscious in the studio with some male recording engineers. I had the opposite experience with Albini. I felt like myself in there, and I also felt of myself. I’m moved by the work we all converged to create.” – Buick Audra

Check it out:


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