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Frontside talks new single, progression



An excerpt from our interview with Walter Stanley from Frontside, which took place in May in anticipation of their upcoming EP Closer to Closure, featuring single “Give It Up”.

*Note: Since this interview, the release of the EP has been postponed. 
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Your single, “Give It Up” drops May 15th. How would you say the recording process differed from your past work, and how was the decision to choose this track as the single made?
The main difference would be our decision to record with BlackPlate Productions out of Dunn, NC. We were quite pleased with the recordings from our past releases, so the idea of working with a new studio was a bit nerve-wracking. Luckily, the guys at BlackPlate made us feel right at home and helped us create an amazing product! Going into the studio, I had already suggested that Give It Up should be the single. Once we got into tracking and mixing the song, the decision became unanimous.


Recently ‘Essentially, Eventually’ hit 500,000 streams. Congratulations. How would you say this single compares to it?
Hey thanks! I would say that it’s more upbeat and aggressive – probably fits in a little more with what people might expect to hear from a modern pop-punk band.


What new music has been on your radar recently you think everyone should know about?
I’ve been really excited watching our fellow musicians in NC release music! Harm, propersleep, Juxton Roy, and The Bronze Age will have all released music in the month of May. They’re all great friends of our and it’s some of the best stuff that the Triangle has to offer in terms of alternative music, so it’s awesome to see happening. I’ve also really enjoyed listening to Royal Coda’s most recent release.


How would you say Wilson, NC has shaped your sound and what people from the Wilson community have influenced you most?
Wilson was a great place to grow up! At least, it was when we were there. We were blessed with a small-ish venue called The Luna Bean at an incredibly important time in our adolescence – gotta give a shout out to Max Patterson for running that place as long and as well as he did. It was so awesome to grow up having a place like that. We were able to spend our weekends surrounded by incredible local and touring acts, not to mention the sense of community it created for small-town Eastern NC. I still see a ton of folks I met there that I can reminisce with. It was definitely a “good ol’ days” kind of spot.


You’ve been touring consistently for recent memory. How is the current pandemic changing the way you guys operate as a whole?
Luckily we didn’t have very much booked during this period. It’s hindered the timeline of this release just a bit, but we shall persevere!


June 12th is the slated date for the release of your EP, “Closer to Closure”. You’ve spoken on how “Give it Up” centralizes on relationships and our personal conflicts we struggle with. Was there an ideal backbone this EP was built around?
I wouldn’t say there’s any strong theme for the album, although “relationships and conflicts” seems to be just vague enough to cover the subject for each song. I personally enjoy developing instrumentation and melodies/harmonies themselves more than writing lyrics, so I don’t think developing a concept or theme that runs through an album will ever be my forte exactly. Every song was written about different events in my life, simply.


This being your fourth official release, what are your goals for this record? Did you have any specific goals in mind when beginning to piece it together?
We’ve been hard at work writing and preparing for a full-length release, but we really wanted to get some new stuff out for everyone to jam in the meantime. We will be touring again soon, so we also wanted to have a larger catalog to choose from. Keep things fresh ya know? We love these songs and we hope our fans will love them too!


It’s been 12 years since you guys began as Frontside. With most of these compositions coming from before Cheers and Fears from the Past Year, would you say this EP really represents your sound in 2020?
The notion of re-recording these songs really excited me because we do already play them live on occasion – but that can make for a huge drop in energy when not everybody knows the song. We’ve always kept it in our back pocket as a surprise for any fans from those good ol’ days, but we wanted to create an opportunity for newer fans to enjoy them the same way. We’ve come a long way with honing our skills in and out of the studio, so it’s a dream come true being able to do these songs justice. 17 year old me is absolutely screaming. Heck, 27 year old me is pretty darn excited too. It was great fun getting to revisit the songs that helped us develop into the musicians we are today, and we’re excited to share that with the world in 2020!

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