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Get to know Drew Langan from Hundred Handed



Hey! This is Drew Langan from Hundred Handed. I’m the Co-Executive Vice President of Drums.

1. How did you guys all meet and when did you know you had something as a band?
Jordan and I actually met for the first time as we were getting on a tour bus for a six week tour. Shenanigans ensued and just never stopped! We’ve been in a few bands over the years and always seemed to be on the same page musically and otherwise.

2. Describe playing shows and growing as musicians into where you are now?
It’s great playing our songs night after night, allowing us to get better and more creative on stage. We’ve learned to get up there and just have as much fun as possible. All while perfecting our confetti cannon skills.

3. Who are some of your influences?
They’re all over the place! The first band I really fell in love with was Slipknot. Then I somehow went from that to Mariah Carey. Jordan loves him some Blink-182 and Tina Turner. Bus party playlists get weird.

4. What’s your songwriting process like?
We could say we have this amazing formula we use every time but we really don’t. The songs almost always start out in a different way. A melody idea, a guitar riff, or even some joke that somehow makes its way into a song.

5. What’s your favorite tour story?
Our first show ever was in Australia for 10,000 people. We played this huge Fireworks festival in Canberra. That was pretty insane. We then proceeded to drink all of the Jack Daniels in the city. I only got thrown out of one bar!

6. Talk to me about your new music and plans for the back half of 2017?
When we started this band our main goal was to have FUN. In all aspects. So fun is what you can expect from our music! As for 2017, we’ll be putting out more music, playing more shows, being more awesome!

7. Who is your favorite comic book character?

Jordan is a huge Batman fan. For me, it depends on what mood you catch me in. Right now I’d have to go with Iron Man. That dude just seems like he’s doing it right.
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