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Gorillaz announce new album ‘The Now Now,’ drop two new singles



Gorillaz leader/primary player Damon Albarn started teasing new music very shortly after dropping the last Gorillaz LP, Humanz. That album came out just last year to pretty mediocre response, but still fans were quick to get their hype jumping right back up. Why? Well, it’s not every so often that a new Gorillaz album comes out. In fact, it usually takes several years with very little news. So this mention from Albarn had many speculating what kind of shape the new album would take, and when it would be dropping. Turns out, it’s gonna be another shift in direction, and it’s coming out in less than a month.

The Now Now will be the sixth studio album from the Gorillaz and is due out June 29. The album announcement comes just a couple of days after a website popped up teasing the title and release date. Now we’ve got all the little details, plus two new singles from the LP. First up there’s (what we can assume is the lead single) “Humility” which comes with an official video featuring the animated group (and Jack Black cameo-ing). The track also features jazz musician George Benson. The second single “Lake Zurich” is a funkier track with no feature artist and comes in a “visualizer” video.

Both tracks hint at a newer direction for Gorillaz, specifically one very different than what we got on Humanz. In fact, taking a look over the tracklist, you’ll notice this one contains very little features. Which is in huge contrast to that last album considering it barely sounded like a “Gorillaz” album, with nearly every track containing a featured artist. This should be good news to a lot of the people out there whose main complaint was it sounded more like a mixtape of a bunch of artists rather than a Gorillaz project. However, how this all shakes out this time remains to be heard. For now, give a listen to the great new songs just below here, and directly below that take a peek at the album art and tracklist for The Now Now.

01 Humility (feat. George Benson)
02 Tranz
03 Hollywood (feat. Snoop Dogg and Jamie Principle)
04 Kansas
05 Sorcererz
06 Idaho
07 Lake Zurich
08 Magic City
09 Fire Flies
10 One Percent
11 Souk Eye

Pre-order The Now Now right here.


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