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Hannah Hausman releases moody new music video “will i ever feel like this again?”



Indie-pop singer/songwriter Hannah Hausman has released her first new song of 2021, “will i ever feel like this again?”

“I wrote this when I started to realize the person I was in love with was wrong for me,” revealed Hausman. “Our relationship was so toxic and I knew I needed to walk away, but he made me feel something I had never felt before. I knew I was being used and manipulated, but I was so scared of falling into apathy, so I stayed way longer than I should have. Writing this helped process my conflicting feelings and I wanted the video to showcase these same emotions that I felt while writing the song. “

The video, filmed throughout Downtown Los Angeles, alternates between three different scenes illustrating various phases of loss and acceptance. The blue room represents detachment and isolation. She explained, “In this scene I’m basically alone with my thoughts, trapped in my room trying to figure out what to do next.” The rain room depicts mourning and vindication as she washes all the lies away to start over again. Finally, the underpass shines a light on her newfound freedom. “This scene was super important to me because a year earlier, my ex and I had a photo and video shoot for a song we wrote together in this very same location,” she noted. “It felt so freeing to come back on my own for the first time since.”

Check it out:

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